Oct 29, 2008 Bakso!

Im at Ayu's right now. Slept over here for 2 days before she leave for Bandung. I guess I'll accompany her to the airport tomorrow. We thought of going out for a date but she's having a period pain.*shian dia* It's been 2 days already hope she will get better soon. Nia also doesnt feeling well. Might be affected by her dad (Cat just in case korang tak tawu) Everybody got worried. Kak Tini went home during lunch hour and took Nia to clinic. Well, there are 2 boxes of KOOL FEVER I hope its enough for Nia to get better.

Have a safe journey to Bandung and have fun!I'll be missing you! Take care,

XoXo *haha

Oct 26, 2008 Nak ni!

Before you leave I want to spend the whole day with you just like this?
Please :'(



Oct 24, 2008 waklu dangerous!

Yesterday went to Mid Valley alone. Ayu asked me to get her an eyeliner at MAC. So I went there and asked them for this liquid eyeliner. I paid and podah (blah). Since it was still early I was thinking to watch Bangkok Dangerous at 12pm. Well, honestly I was dispointed with the movie. Come on man! It was Nicolas Cage! Have you seen Con Air? Face Off? His movies were superb but not this one. BANGKOK
DANGEROUS! Obviously it wasn't that dangerous as I expected. Seriously. Baik aku tengok High School Musical. Haha

Then I went to Topman and met Adly and Boy. They used to work in OU but have been transfered to Mid Valley. Oh yeah its sale now so go spend your money! I bought a t shirt which cost me rm49. Geram tengok leather jacket dieorg so baik blah. I was starving and wondered around looking for a place to eat. End up I had my lunch *pukul 3 at Chicken Rice Shop...and more! haha Makan je tak order air. Saving sikit.

My mom called and she asked me to wait at the KL Sentral around 4. Mid Valley boring then I looked for the KTM station. Lupa kat mane tadi keluar so I asked one of the customer service.

"Bang, KTM kat mane eh? "
"Adik masuk kiri then naik satu level" *Lembut rupanya patut la tindik belah kanan

I reached Kl Sentral at 3. Bapak awal! Jalan-jalan masuk kedai buku. Yada yada and I get bored. Went to 7-eleven and bought a drink. Yang peliknya susah nak cari kerusi kat KL sentral. Lastly jumpa kerusi kat tempat menunggu KLIA Express. Grabed my earphone and hit it to the max. Layan la lagu dalam handphone sampai lebam. I sat there almost an hour. Tak boleh jadi ni so I called my mom.

"Ibu kat mane ni? " *agak marah
"Baru lepas jumpa doktor, tunggu la kejup"
"OK" *hampa

I decided to wait in front of the Meridian Hotel. While waiting for my mom, I saw a lots of expensive cars. You name it! BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porshe, Jaguar, Mini Cooper and ada SUV ni lupa apa nama dia. Dalam hati tertanya apa la kerja dierg sampai mampu pakai kereta ni semua. Orang selalu cakap business comfirm boleh kaya. Haih, kalau dapat menang peraduan Mini Cooper satu pun jadi la. oh teka la what time my mom picked me up? 5.15 pm! Awal kan rakan-rakan? Sampai je baru nak masuk kereta ibu keluar.

"Abang toilet kat mane?! " * rushing

Oct 21, 2008 Chili's baby!

Today went out with Ayu to OU. (rhyme lak) *she wore this beautiful dress sumpah turn on k* Ehem-ehem, saya first time officially makan kat Chili's. =D As usual la siapa lagi kalau girlfriend yang belanja. *thank you B* She had a triple play and I had like chicken grill with mashed potatoes and corn. Sumpah kenyang k. Thank God Azni drops by since she had some modeling stuff to do at OU as well. Famous dah Azni sekarang! haha so semua food dia yang habiskan at least takde la membazir.

Then wanted to watch a movie but Ayu didn't feeling well and I had to find deepavali card for my mom so we went to Memory Land. I forgot that my brother asked me to get a sejarah exercise book for PMR then pergi la MPH kejup. Ayu bought SEVENTEEN's magazine and a colorful book for Nia. The book was so adorable. From there I knew that she can be a good mother. *honest compliment* At last we didnt get anything for my brother. Awal lagi nak balik so I decided to get a plain white shirt. Pegi la Topman and I bought the shirt.

"B, ok tak? "
" OK " , laju je dia cakap ok

Sebelum balik Bangi singgah TTDI kejup cari bookshop sebab tak dapat lagi buku untuk adik aku sorang ni.

"Kring kring"
"Apiq, apa nama buku ko nak tu? "
"Oxford Fajar"

Nama nak hebat je. End up aku beli buku brand ape ntah. Haha but I left it in Ayu's car. Mane la dia tak memekak. Aku ni careless bila nak cepat. Sorry B :'( We arrived Bangi at 3 something. So main dengan Nia kejup sambil tengok persidangan akhbar Mawi nak kahwin. Haha orang kaya boleh la. Pukul 4 baru keluar rumah and straight away fetched my mom.

Otw balik Rawang it was rainning heavily like hell. I can't see a thing. Nampak kabur je. Memang bawak slow gila la. Alhamdulillah sampai rumah dengan selamat and I cooked for dinner. Bravo acip! haha

K la nak habis kan Gears of War. Ghazi dah bagi tips dah. Haha. Chalo betey

Oct 20, 2008 a year passed by

On this very precious day
I have found a reason to say
You've touched my life
And made it better in every way
From Allah I always pray
Hoping for you in my life to stay
And on you, Bless He may
On this very special day
I may not get to see you as often as I like or I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But I just know deep in my heart, you're the one that I love, and I can't let you go.

Happy Supposed To Be One Year Anniversary =')

Oct 17, 2008 Sepi

I just finished watching Sepi. I must say it was a great masterpiece by Kabir Bhatia. I'm impressed :)
I learnt something from the movie. Its LOYALTY. This is the key for happiness. It goes till the end of the day.

Kita boleh bercinta
Kita boleh bersedih
Kita boleh bergembira
Kita boleh menangis
Kita boleh merancang
Kita boleh memilih
Kita boleh melihat
Kita boleh mendengar
Kita boleh merasa
Kita boleh berkata

DIA di atas yang menentukan.

Oct 16, 2008 Unsangkarable

Now I’m at cyberia packing all my stuff. My mom is picking me up tmr. Well, I've been spending my time this whole week with my girlfriend. How was it feel? I’m not sure which words describe it the best but it was AMAZING. I can’t lie. :'D Buka mata nampak dia, tutup mata nampak dia. It seems like I've been watching her each and every second. I didn’t blink! haha itu tipu la of course I blinked. :p Before she sent me home we went to OU to catch a movie called The Bunny House. It was funny and she did enjoy it. In fact we had our lunch at teppanyaki. So I guess I did complete her day kan b? hehe Oh yeah selama ni dia mengidam waffle pun dapat. I hope you had a blast sweetheart :)

So before balik ni as usual la collect movie banyak-banyak. For now I have 5 episodes of Heroes season 3 and Sepi. I bet it is still not enough. Ntah asal game Gears of War pulak buat hal. After few mins main computer tiba-tiba shut down. Dulu main ok je ntah apahal lak tiba-tiba ni. Whatever it is kene fix jugak or not I will spend my holiday at home like a prison. Tadi mak Ayu called. She asked me whether I’m interested to take part in Putrajaya Photography Competition. For student rm 10 je registration. Rase macam nak join but faham-faham je la bila kat rumah tu. Nak guna kereta pun susah. Macam mane la nak pegi ambik gamba. For those who interested go visit this website.

What can I do during this holiday?

  • taking pictures
  • dating
  • explore After Effects
  • keje?
  • lepak

Sounds great tak? Loser siot! I need money. Like dying for money! Nak keje but where can I work for only 3 weeks of holiday? I want to spend time with my loved ones as well. Hurm, *pikir* apa-apa pun I need to figure out something, buat la apa-apa yang patut.

Btw, I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend. Nanti cuti susah nak jumpa. Lagi pun she is leaving in 2 weeks time for Bandung. 5 days je but still. I’m gonna miss her so bad. Thank you b and your family. Only God can repay your kindness. * I really mean it* ok ok perut dah lapar. Nak makan apa ni?

Oct 14, 2008 non-exam

Nothing to be proud of but yeah I just finished my exam! Haha and you know what is that means! MERDEKA! *for few weeks je. I got to admit that scripting was superduper hard. For now, Im hoping at least pass. I already tried my best and let HIM decide it. *Redha

Around 1 nak pegi raya rumah fara. RED CARPET please! ahah and sorry I raya tahun ni tak pakai baju melayu. Western skit. hehe. For those who still have paper, goodluck and have a blast raya, holiday! Adios!

Oct 13, 2008 A jacket and a t-shirt

Ehem ehem *bangga

Tengah nak save duit ni ada orang baik hati nak belanja,
Alhamdulillah, rezeki jangan ditolak :)

Thank you sweetheart! So sweet so calm, :)

she (pinkgincu babe)bought it from here. Take a look.


Oct 12, 2008 Blank

In this world we can't satisfy everybody,
Sometimes we can't even satisfy our own self,
So don't bother about others,
Do anything that makes you happy,
and live life to the max.


Oct 10, 2008 Gorgeous!

I don't have to spill it out. Just look at how I stare at you :) *melting

there you go che mad!

It was a tiring day! . Like hell! I finished exam at 10-ish. It was still early but we (Ghazi, Happ, Wan, Helmi) were hungry so we went to terminal. After had our lunch we bought things for photography's assignment at Master Art. We took quite awhile to get everything that we need because it was packed since everybody were rushing. Just like us. Ceyh!

After that, we all went to Bangi to make frames. Helmi asked me to drive his car. Well Honda Jazz, sape taknak? hehe Arrived Bangi around 2 kot. We were looking for kedai kaca and aluminium.

"Ha! cip kedai ni ha!; Ghazi

Ghazi agak confident semasa memberi statement tu. Haha and then guess what?

"Huh? Potong kasi bikin frame huh? Tak buat sini maa" ; Tokey Kedai

Ni sure dah salah kedai ni. Haha then I remember there was one time ni I came across kedai kaca and aluminium lagi satu. Then we walked to other block. Baru jumpe. This Time Ghazi lebih confident.

"HA! NI BARU BETUL!" ; Ghazi

Sampai je, ade brother cina ni tengah tido. Then ada brother lagi sorang yang ketinggian dia agak terbantut datang.

"Ha boss apa mau?"
" Nak buat frame" *sambil pegang mouting board sebanyak 28 keping ; Ghazi
" Tak bole buat ooo sini"
" Tapi dulu pernah buat kat sini"
"Ooo itu dulu sekarang tak bole. Nanti pisau tumpul you punya mounting board manyak tebal. Pisau mahal maa mau tukar"
".........................................................." *sume blur campur sakit hati

Then Helmi suggested that we go to Cheras. Then rush la pegi sana. It was rainning heavily pulak tu plus jammed lagi. Around 5 baru bole gi ambik frame.While waiting for that, we went to Low Yatt. Ghazi was looking for a pen for his tablet but it cost rm100 just for the pen. Forget it, better buy the new one and make sure its bigger! oh jyeah! I was so tempted but sabar je la duit memang takde. I was thinking to make my own wishlist gak! SOON!

Sampai Cyber at 6.40. My head was spinning around! Ni sure nak demam. Masuk rumah terus baring. I took a nap for awhile then start edit gambar untuk print sume. By the time nak gi print kat Alamada je Helmi lupa kunci kereta. Haih, dugaan sume ni. Got home at 10.45 terus start buat photography. I managed to finshed it at 5am. Thank GOD!

The submission day:
"Overall, very good. I can see your effort" ; Che Mad



Oct 8, 2008 Don't Piss On

Buka mata benda yang pertama aku capai adalah handphone. Dengan harapan orang tersayang meninggalkan message. Salah tekaan aku. Aku cuba hubungi tapi tiada respon. Perut terasa lapar. Lunch tadi tidak bertahan lama. Spicy Mc Deluxe hanya dalam kenangan. Terima kasih girlfriend yang sudi belanja makan. Dalam keadaan yang agak lapar aku terus capai tuala dan menuju ke toilet. Lepas mandi dengar orang buka pintu. Ewan dah Rauf membeli Maggi cup yang harganya 2 kali ganda mahal dari maggi yang aku ada. Takpe. Keadaan memaksa. Aku ke dapur untuk persiapan dinner. Sedang enak menikmati maggi sup bunjut aku, kedengaran suara Rauf memanggil ku.

"Cip, aku ngan Ash nak gi tengok KAMI"
"Oh, takpe la aku ada exam esok"
Oh yeah? Aku pun ada" *sambil ketawa.

Sebenarnya hati masih tak tenang. Perkara tadi bermain di kepala. I blame myself for that. So face it!
Whatever it is, I had a super wonderful time BUT it didnt last that long. Sorry. *ketuk kepala kat meja.
Ok la, buku MCE dah memanggil tu. Tata.


Adakah ini takdir atau diri aku sendiri. Kenapa setiap hari perlu ada yang sakit hati? Sudah jatuh ditimpa pulak. Haih hidup. Atau ini juga dinamakan kuasa Tuhan. Orang kata buat baik dibalas baik, buat buruk dibalas buruk. Mesti ade hikmah disebaliknya. Bukan aku sengaja, bukan niat aku ingin mengecewakannya. Aku boleh nampak riak wajah dia tadi. Aku tawu die ambik serious benda ni. Aku careless? Mungkin. Atau ini juga dinamakan takdir? Aku tak mintak jadi macam ni. Takkan bila hari dah bermula dengan indah aku nak tamatkan dengan persengketaan?

Aku rasa ini hikmah. Maybe tadi hujan lebat klau dia balik awal tak nampak jalan and macam-macam bole jadi. Aku tak mintak tapi ini apa yang aku rase. Atau ini takdir? Shit la. Aku mintak dia bole tahan je. Sape pun tak boleh tahan tapi...


Oct 7, 2008 Shitto la

Shit la MCE ni! Banyak pulak! At least bagi la tips ke ape? *&%^$@# btul la! Ni yang rase nak tutup buku tido je! Arrgghh!

current mood: PISSED OFF!


Jyeah! one down! 3 to go! Hip hip Hooray! Spanish paper was sucky! It was harder than I thought. Nasib baik for the essay I have studied. Haha bole pulak die tanya months in Spanish! waklu!Haha April jadi Aprilio, Jun jadi juno. Haha serious lawak k. dah la seat kat depan then si Van Diesel asyik attack je usha-usha ingat orang nak tiru. Ceyh! Badan dah sado dah. There are few faces yang tak pernah nampak pun ambik Spanish. Pelik.

As usual Wan and Ghazi went out earlier than me. Hap paling last. So while waiting for Hap I went to bank nak bayar duit rumah. Honestly I never use cash deposit before. Thank God Fendi was there and I asked for his help. I didnt know that tak payah letak card. Haha end up duit to masuk kat dalam my acc. Kayo aku kejup. Then gi kat atm machine transfer from there. Easier! I check my balance and guess what? I got rm18 left. Ibu kate nak masuk kan duit? Pftt. Now rm15 left in the wallet so acip go get your maggi! Im out for dinner. Baby baby will call you later. Adios berambus!

Tears Behind Her Smile

All alone here in the dark
I close my eyes and picture your face
Tonight don't want the darkness keep surrounding me all night
I know you're by my side
You're the only one for me you make my life complete
Never wanted anyone more than you
Cause I want more of you than your time
and I need you by my side

Can't you see me floating above your head
I'm laying back think about everything that we always do
'Coz I'm saying I love you
You're my angel, my angel from heaven

The smile that make me so happy and the stars are blinking
I just want to make a clean breast of
That I'm truly deeply in love with you

Oct 6, 2008 lalala

My new bestfriend.

Ordinary Post

Currently I'm listening to At the Gates and hoping that one of my friend in Spanish class will pass the notes but too bad its such a waste of time. Oh God, help me out tomorrow. *redha* Ghazi and Happ tak balik lagi, Wan tengah tengok movie, Ewan pegi buat exam, Rauf get ready for class. Lapar, around 1 nak gi makan ngan Ash and Wan.

I have problem with my photography assignment which I failed to get a silhouette. It was sunny and I couldn't get a nice silhouette. Wanted to wait in the evening but it was raining pulak so still tak dapat yang cantik. The rest was ok la, takde la lawa mane. Ye la I only used 8 MP compared to the rest of my classmates sume dah macam pro dah camera. Haha its ok, bila ada rezeki nak beli camera baru jugak. InsyaAllah. *tadah tangan*

Now visi and misi aku adalah untuk menyimpan wang atau dengan kata lain saving. Ha.. ini bukan untuk camera tapi untuk masa depan. I wish I could have what I've been wishing for. Eh betul ke? haha tu la dah lama tak belajar grammar. I mean siapa taknak hidup senang nanti kan? Dapatkan kereta idaman, isteri idaman pergh! dah perfect hidup. Ok ok stop dreaming and better work it out! Again, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Dont let exams ruin your raya! Have fun!


Oct 5, 2008 Raya lagi

Wanted to upload raya's pictures but most of the pictures turn up buruk so MALAS! The worst part is I dont even have my own picture during raya. Mane tak keje ambik gamba orang je at last gamba sendiri takde. Raya was ok for me, cuma tak dapat spend time lama ngan cousin yang lain, tu pun ade yang takde. Overall ok la.

Just got home and baru unpacked barang sume. Final EXAM is coming! dyamng! Ok ok Spanish ni macam mane? notes takde. Haha at least pass I dont want to waste time repeating this same subject. In fact I already paid the fees so nanti membazir je.

Oh I went to Ayu's just now. Saja raya2 with my family. Orang tua-tua punya topic la macam biasa. hehe finally terubat rindu di hati. (ini benar weyh) Ayu macam biasa makin cantik *gigit bibir* Nia jangan cakap la haha comel sangat. Dah la muka masuk newspaper. Her picture is larger than her parents's. Nia, you're one lucky girl! Oh yeah thanks Aunty for duit raya yang agak melampau nilainya. :D and Uncle nyer baju ala-ala batik color pink cun la! hehe ok this is for my lovely girlfriend. I nak request you pakai baju kurung baru depan I. pls pls sangat teruja! Pictures are not enough, I want it to be in front of my naked eyes! hehe ok ok perut berbunyi. I want to grab something! Selamat Hari Raya! oh btw, ade orang tu tak wish raya mintak maaf sume pun lagi. takpe takpe Im still waiting. :p

Oct 2, 2008 Hope

You're strong girl,
You can face it just fine,
Remember that You always have me,

Get well soon; AMIN.

Oct 1, 2008 P r a y

I want you to be mine, FOREVER.

Salam Ramadhan

First of all I would like to seek for forgiveness for all my mistakes that I've done. 1000 apologise from me. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

As usual, esok raya kat rumah nenek in the morning, in the afternoon pegi rumah mama then baru pegi rumah nenek kat Bangsar. Years after years, raya is just raya for me. Since nenek dah takde, family pun dah pecah, ada yang tak balik la. I wish things didnt happened this way. Sayang sangat. Baru setahun lebih nenek dah takde dah jadi huru hara family ni. Ntah la, for me as long as my family are here I'll be thankful for that. I dont bother dah pasal yang lain-lain. Sume selfish. Bila susah setiap hari call, datang rumah, tanya khabar, nak pinjam ini la itu la. Dah senang lupa diri. Tak ingat pun siapa yang dah tolong sume tu. Life is like a roller coster. There is good and bad. You will go through both whether you like it or not. What matter is how you deal and face it. Whatever it is, we are still family. Benci, hina sekali pun tetap darah daging kita.So yang baik kita amalkan yang buruk kita jauhkan. That's all.