Sep 26, 2008 Friday I'm in love

Alhamdulillah, after two weeks this time I managed to go for Friday prayer. :)
Ok today's plan is buka with Ayu, Kak Tini and Cat in Pyramid. Ayu said she is
craving for Dave's Deli.

Assignments sume dah hantar except for MCE. Ntah la, kita semua dah besar panjang pandai pikir sendiri. Takkan nak kena suro baru nak buat. Ini pasal masa depan jugak, sampai bila nak harapkan orang. Sekali dua takpela, ini dah selalu sangat. At least contribute la skit. Nama pun group work. Haih tolong la berubah.

After raya plan nak balik cyber kemas rumah. Serious tak tahan. Kemas rumah hari ni esok lusa dah bersepah balik. Faham-faham la k?

Ok now I'm waiting for Hadziq. Baby! I'm on my way. Adios!

Sep 25, 2008 Where is the LOVE?

GOD, give us happiness and peace. We both are so weak to face it again. We had enough. I want this. I mean it!

Takdir yang menentukan, Kini Aku redha.

How Great It Is

Supposed to go to Bangsar and buka at Alamanda but now end up being alone and frustrated. Haih.

I gave up. It is just too much but at least I tried. It wasn't enough? Yeah, I guess so. This sem I admit I didn't perform the best but next sem MOTION GRAPHIC I want to make sure I'll do better. Be prepared physically and mentally. 100 Plus will be my best mate.

Hello girlfriend, I know I ruined your day and I'm sorry. I want to make it up to you. Actually I already did, but I guess it is too late. I still want to buy you lunch at Chillis and yeah Famous Amous. I'm all yours. You know where to find me. Ily babe.

Ok, Im off to Saubin's.

Sep 24, 2008 She's The Man

I never thought that I'll fall in love with someone who is matured than me,
I never thought that I''ll be dating someone who is smarter than me,
I never thought of meeting someone who is so wonderful like her

Rahayu Ramly, She is so extraordinary. She changed me. She pull me up when I'm fall.
I didn't asked for a perfect girl but she is just too perfect, I didn't asked for a princess, but she is my princess.
For now I'm so happy being around her.

We always argue for something, but every time we argued I know that I'll never win. Obviously she is way better than me. I appreciate every thing she did for me. Im sorry for being an asshole. I may not have the quality to be a good man for you, but you always know from the beginning how deep is my love for you.

I cant just say, because action speak louder than words right? Im working my ass up for you darling. I really do.
Fight after fight, chance after chance, I must say you have been so lovely to me. I know we both cant stand it anymore but please have a faith on me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't care if I have to fight, then I will.

I was an idiot,but I'm changing.

Sep 23, 2008 Green and Its GOLA

Haven't slept for days,
My eyebags are getting worst,
Assignments haven't touched,
Haih...what a day? :(

Well at least next week is a holiday and RAYA. I guess i can spend some days at home then go to TTDI for shooting. I rather spend my hols with my girlfriend than anything.

Baby,take a good care of yourself! Dont let it overcome you. ok? Last Sunday I went to Subang Parade with Ayu's family. She was looking for a baju raya. She tried this one baju and it was really nice on her :) and you look sexy! hehe Oh jyeah! Guess what? Her dad bought me a pair of shoe and its GOLA!! I've been looking for it for so long! Thanks uncle and aunty, I owe you guys BIG one! Obviously for my lovely baby, I'll buy you lunch at Chillis one day k? The picture of the shoe will be uploaded soon. Nanti kan! haha ok I need to sleep.


Sep 19, 2008 I.D.I.O.T

You should be thankful!

What is in your mind?

Are you insane?

Grow up!

You idiot!

current mood: Crazy* talking to myself

Sep 18, 2008 Di Press

Nak kata tak takut, takut sebenarnya.
Nak kata tak risau, risau jugak rasanya.
Tapi yang pelik takde nawaitu langsung nak sentuh atau mula,

Sampai bila nak jadi macam ni?
Duit keluar macam air, ilmu yang masuk tak seberapa.

Mintak Tuhan berikan pedoman. Amin.

Mula berkerja;

3.05 am

Hari ni naik Jaguar. First time duduk kat seat depan. Maybe bukan kereta idaman tapi alhamdulillah kesampaian utk merasa naik kereta mewah. Lama tak pegi rumah mama, bile pegi dapat juga rasa mcm org kaya. Entah la, bukan nak sangat jadi kaya. Cukup pakai harta benda sume sudah lah. Kalau bole by 22 graduate then keje for at least 2 years simpan duit kahwin. Keje ape la agak nyer eh? Setakat photographer je tak bole jugak. At least 2 ribu ke atas. Ingat nak beli Mini Cooper. Hurm.

First sem nak hbs dah, submission berlambak-lambak but still ade mase nak online main game sume. Ntah la, this sem agak pressure. Apa-apa pun life is too short to be stress but still dont waste it. Hari ni buka Maggi je. Mane la nak kenyang. After few hours je dah lapar blk so tadi masak burger pulak ngan hashbrown.

Girlfriend dtg period, dia sakit perut. Sian dia. Awak jgn moody eh? Kita syg awak byk laut. Kucing kena kurap. Nak bwk gi klinik takde duit. Lana kata consult ngan doctor je dah kene rm5. Hurm, terasa mcm kesian kurung die je, nak buang sayang nak simpan kesian. Mcm mane? Nak tido tak bole nak buat keje takde mood. Hidup hidup. Ok lah. Salam.

Sep 17, 2008 Blank

It is 3.44 am and here I am writing about my daily life. Today wasnt so great. I wish things are much much better and for my lovely baby, I love you. No matter how hard it is we are gonna be just fine. Im sorry.

For you guys out there, we only have one shot in life. It is whether you grow up being are good man or end up in prison. We will never know what might happen next. Im talking based on my point of view. Its been 19 years Im standing on this earth and I've seen a lot of things. Most of my family have been in prison and some of them changed and some of them are still the same. Even some of them have been in prison for the second time. I dont know what makes me want to write this. It just happens.

Wtf weyh tiba2. I think I miss my family. Thats all. And again baby, I love you i love you and i love you. Im off for sahur. Salam.

Sep 16, 2008 MONKster

Hello everyone I'm MONKster

Today is a consultation day for mix media, so i consulted (obviously) and they said you're on track! Oh yeah!
However, i need to reshoot the whole thing again! WTF? Itu yang malas nak dengar tu!
Thank God dieorg extend submission on Tuesday next week.
So for now I better concentrate on modelling. Bapak la, i havent started anything yet!

And and yeah lab test? Guess what? Almost everyone cant finished it. Its not matter of time, it just that benda tu taknak keluar gamba and as usual Natalya nak cepat submit je. Ok honestly, aku sgt cuak dengan current mark for scripting. At least pass! InsyaAllah. Berkat doa ayah bonda, kawan2. Amin.

Hurm, after the lab test i went to FOM. While I was waiting for Ayu, Fendi came and sat beside me. We talked and bla bla bla. Then Ayu sent me home and passed the cardigan for Dyla or Dilla i dont know how to spell her name. Thats it. Btw she just texted me. And........... ok whatever.

Current mood: Exhausted so piss off!

Thanks For The Memory

It's been 2 weeks Pompy have left us. It was so awful to hear how she died. I got a msg from Rauf at 5, he said " Acip bad news, Pompy jatuh mati lompat dari tingkap toilet". I can’t even cry. Can you imagine from 8th floor? Che Mad said cat can survive no matter how high they jump. Looks like he was wrong. Pompy hurts badly on her head. I wasn't there. I was at my girlfriend's. Wan took it and put it in the plastic bag. The next day I came home and then me and Ghazi went to throw it. We all wanted to bury it but since we don’t have the cangkul and all that so I decided just throw it in the lake or somewhere else.

To Pompy, thanks for cheering us up when we were down,
thanks for putting a smile on our face when were stress,
and thanks for coming into our life.
Rest in peace.

Sep 14, 2008 She's back!

Yeah i know its been so long since the last update. Lately Im so busy with assignments. Deadlines are kiling me but thank GOD now I got my strength back. Yupp, we're back together on 6th****** :) You have no idea how was it feel like being with her again. I thought it was over, am I dreaming? No! Its so true and only God knows how Im feeling right now.

Before the moment we both had a huge fight (even after the breakup thingy). At first I dont think she will talk to me again after this but after few days we both rarely talk to each
other but this one day, she forward a msg that she gave to Azni saying that ********* bla bla yada yada. In other words, she still LOVES me :D I was in Sg Gabai taking pictures for Che Mad's assignment on that day. I straight away called her after got the msg but she didnt pick up the phone. My batt low so switch off my phone.

When I got home we texted and at last we both confessed to each other. End up here we are. And once again our love story begun with a new episode. It was so lovely. Gosh,I cant even put it into words how happy I was. What does matter now is to make her happy, keep her as long as God allows. Well this is love,
if you love someone, let them go and if they return to you, it was meant to be. If they dont, their love was never yours to begin with.

Currently Im happy with my life, couldnt ask more. *Thankful :D

my other half