Dec 31, 2008 VFX here I come

Storyboard for final motion graphic.

Final assignment for Multimedia Authoring

Looking forward to learn VFX. ;')

Hello 2009 and bye-bye to 2008

Selamat ber-awal muharam dan selamat tahun baru. For those who celebrating new year dont get wasted eh? Supposed assignments and everything should be done by today, but since hormone dalam badan Mdm Ling yang tengah pregnant kiteorg kene re-submit on Monday. Well, it's ok at least we can be improve.

Haziq with Nora, Happ with Fanna, Ghazi with Lily, Ewan M.I.A, Wan went to Kajang a.k.a hardcore town and I'm at home sitting in front of my super lembap pc watching movie. Today's plan movie marathon lagi. I found very interesting dvd from Ewan. =)

It's just new year not a big deal. So I shouldnt be so sad staying alone kan? So enjoy everyone. Have blast new year! Peace out!

Dec 26, 2008 Chilling

What am I gonna do today? Hurm let me see, listen to Richard Cheese and movie marathon. What about assignments? Not in the mood for now. Maybe tmr. It have to be tmr or else I'll be dead. Can I have these

Tell me why cant I have this?

Look at the color man.
I like the buckle.

Oh my, this is gorgeous!

Dec 25, 2008 Ip Man

I was boring staying at home so I thought of watching movie. So pinjam kereta Happ then went to Alamanda. Yes, I was alone. Quite crowded in Alamanda and that is what pissed me off. At first, I was thinking of watching Ip Man but since the movie started at 5 pm so I watched The Spirit. Seriously! Read my lips! SERIOUSLY! It was boring. Nak mampos nyer boring! After one hour watching The Spirit I went out and I decided to watch Ip Man. What a great idea. For me The Spirit was boring la I'm not sure about you guys. Ip Man really made my day. Haha Great moves and action. Ada jugak la pasal penjajah semua so bagus la cerita ni. Ip Man is just like a Tok Janggut tu semua la and Ip Man was a Bruce Lee's master. Based on true story weyh. Ok then I'm gonna take a shower. Peace out!

Yang tua tu la Ip Man.

Dec 22, 2008 Alhamdulillah =)

Dec 21, 2008 What made my day?

It was a very tiring day but it was all worth it. Woke up this morning at 6.30. Took a shower, subuh sat then siap sedia memakai pakaiaan seragam KOPICAT CAFE (sedap oo datang la). Yeza, now I'm working as a part-timer at KopiCat Cafe. Weekends je la, nak everyday mati la. FA kot *kata orang ramai.

Got home at Ayu's at 12, ambik keje motion graphic then terus mandi. I went to Alamanda with Ayu, Nia, Kak Tini and aunty. Ayu dengan aunty buat rambut while me and Kak Tini anak beranak jalan-jalan.

The most beautiful, gorgeous, stunning and pretty girl today goes to Ayu. She wore this purple maxi dress look perfect on her. Rambut baru lagi. Pergh! =p *gigit jari and the most adorable baby today goes to Nia! Naughty, active, manja and sangat bising. No wonder semua orang keres dengan dia. (keres=kira cam suka gila-gila la)

Had my lunch at noodle ape ntah tadi lupa pulak. It was spicy but sedap. I ordered thai style la tapi. Ok ok I need a rest for awhile and then need to work on my motion graphic since I have presentation. Btw, siapa terror masking ajar aku. Aku lupa weyh! Adios!

Oh, these are the pictures. Enjoy ;)

Dec 15, 2008 can i just let it blank?

I never thought I could have this blog. It was started as saje-saje-bosan-bosan and now end up I put up some trash about my life in here. I don't want to be a best writer, in fact I'm not so sure if I ever love to write. Since these 2 years, I've gone through a lot of things. Up and down, good and bad, bitter and sweet. Bla bla bla. I guess, I know what does growing up really mean. If we make mistakes, that means we are still learning. So no worries. We are still young and the journey won’t stop here. You can plan but the plan will always turn up to be unplanned plan. (apa aku merapu ni?)

Those people who came into my life and still believe in me, THANK YOU and only Allah can repay your kindness. Family, friends and girlfriend. I love you. =')

yours truly;

Dec 13, 2008 Nafsu

Cantik kan? Tunggu la. InsyaAllah.


Sekarang pukul 4 pagi. Kenapa aku masih segar dan masih boleh menaip lagi? Cukup tidur ke semalam? Tak kan? Esok kau kerjakan? Kerja. Dah tu asal tak tidur lagi?

Hati tak tenteram. Pergi solat Jumaat tak tadi? Pergi. Asal dengan aku ni? Main dengan perasaan sendiri atau realiti? Selama ini aku buta atau aku buat-buat tak tahu? Susah la nak cakap. Sampai bila ni? Entah la. Kalau la aku macam tu tentu tak macam ni. Ish! Apa ni? Tak masuk akal la! Mengucap weyh. Semua benda jadi ada sebab.

Sayang tak? Sangat. Pastu? Cakap la. Nanti.