May 28, 2008 Gaysian day

First of all, I’m very frustrated because I didn’t get to watch iron man.
Lagi teruk I didn’t get enough sleep. What a tiring day. I slept at 4 am and my alarm rang at 5.50 am.
I was like WTF??? I can’t even open my eyes.
I started to ask myself whether I rather stay at home doing nothing or wake up and go to bathe now.
It was so cold and I was shivering like mad. My water heater didn’t work fcuk I should have known that.

I took a nap in the car sumpah mata gam weyh. As usual, we had our breakfast before my mom go to work. I had roti sardine and teo panas. Wanted to eat nasi lemak but I don’t want to waste my time in the toilet later on. Then I slept again until I had a phone call from fufu saying that he paid the deposit already. Alhamduillah semua dah settle. So while waiting for gazi to pick me up, I play with my nephew and my niece. They are super adorable and I can’t get my hands of their cheek. haha especially haziq and effa. Bole pulak dieorg ckp “cik boy ni boring la bawak camera tapi tak ambik gamba”. Haha here is the picture.

Gazi picked me up around 2 and he texted me “ dah sampai! Wee~ ” haha sumpah ko sengal dowh gazi. Sampai je ou then we bumped into azni and alex at gsc. Nasib baik tak ramai sgt orang queue. Since iron man started at 6 pm so we decided to watch Narnia at 3 pm. Ok la that movie but I think the first one is much better. The best part is, ade this one couple was making out from the beginning of the movie till the end. Bapak sangap weyh kalau ye pun usha la kiri kanan. Budak skolah lagi pulak tu. Haha After the movie we went to pull and bear. Gazi bought a bag and I bought 2 t-shirts. It was ok even though it was only two of us. Gazi dropped me at uptown near the police station and I waited for my mom there.

We went to kampung for dinner. I had nasi kerabu and kerang bakar. Sumpah terbaik weyh.
Then I arrived home at 10.00 pm. Lalalala byk la gi nak cite ni tapi nanti la.

Im off to bathe! Chalo betey!

May 26, 2008 Iron Man

My girlfriend is in hospital for some check-up before the operation. So I cant talk to her until tmr morning.
She said, there will be wires here and there on her body. Gosh, doctor ni nak tukar awek aku jadi iron women ke apa. I thought of picking her up tmr after the check-up but since my stepdad is meeting his friend so I have no car. Too bad then.

My brother is going out tmr so I was thinking to do the same thing. I texted ghazi if he would like to be my date. Sounds gay? We are gay! Hahah. That means, I have to wake up at 6 in the morning then my mom will send me and my brother to my grandma’s. I have no idea what to do tmr but I have something in mind. IRON MAN! Best best! Ohh yeah, maybe wan-oh-wan is joining us. Lagi ramai lagi meriah.

So, that’s all for today. Adios berambus!

I n f i n i t y

Look into your heart,

Tell me what you see,

Are you still thinking of me,

I do think about you,

My love is so true,

Don’t make me cry thinking about you,

Take me in your arms, don’t you ever leave,

With you in my arms,

I’ll make you believe,

The other day you asked how much I loved you,

And in a heartbeat I responding back to you,

I’ll do anything you ask,

I’d go to hell and back,

I’ve given you everything,

My heart, my body and my soul,

But still you asked how much,

I have nothing left yet I continue to give,

My body tired, my heart in two,

My mind clear but my soul confused.

In so mia


When I lay down to sleep,

I see your face, I see your smile,

Makes me wanna dream about you,

I hope you're here with me tonight,


(dikala malam yang sepi)

My Miss Jovial

Rahayu Ramly

You're just too perfect to be true,
You're my every dream come true,
My heart stop beating when I see you,
Ohh! I think I'm in love with you.

How can it be,
That this is happening to me,
Usually I have the might,
And I have been able to fight,
I'm frail as a fly,
But I can't lie,
It's your heart that I desire,
It's your heart that makes me go on fire.

I am afraid that this will go down in tears,
I'm far ready to face my fears,
What should I do?
You're in my dreams and fantasies too,
All I can think about is you,
Oh fcuking great!
I am in love with you.

May 25, 2008 Skinny Jeans

Let’s talk about skinny jeans. Frankly, I don’t like guys wearing skinny jeans. But I do like it if my girlfriend wears it. I admit it’s stylish but at the same time it’s weird and funny. Haha seriously! Especially those light and bright color skinny jeans. Damn man you guys are like shooting for Nippon Paint advertisement. No offense but I’m just being honest here. I found out due to some reason, skinny jeans have become so common among teenagers. Pegi gig sudeyh, bersepah org pakai skinny. Haha. Why now baru sume nak start pakai skinny? Dulu time skinhead, punk sume pakai korang kutuk gile babi. Pakai seluar bawah kecik la apa la, but now look at yourself. It seems like everyone wants to get a skinny jeans. Style memang style, tapi kalau nak ikut kan rempit pun pakai skinny.

Well it’s depends on the individual itself right? You can wear whatever you like. When we talk about fashion, everyone have their own taste and style. We can’t tell them what to wear but for me, I don’t wear skinny jeans. In fact, I prefer to wear boot cut instead of skinny jeans. =) (tidak ada kaitan pada mana-mana pihak)

H o l i d a y

Oh yeah its holiday! I finally finished my foundation year in mmu. Hopefully continue doing my degree in June. It feels so great when you’re out of the cruelty of Che Mad. Haha (I didn’t mean it). Btw, I'm confused whether I should go to Soilwork or not. I mean it’s once in your life time man. Dah la Soilwork pulak tu! gile la but then ticket tak beli lagi, I have no transport and in fact, dah pukol 4 weyh! Haih what a day. Takpe, banyak lagi benda bole buat cuti ni. Whatever it is, my priority is my girlfriend since she will be doing her operation on 29th. I hope everything is gonna be alright and for now what can I do is just support her and pray to the HIGHER POWER. Amin.

Say bye-bye to Soilwork.