Jun 28, 2008 Saturday Walk

It's been quite a long time I didn't hang out with my little gangster. So I decided to ask her out on Saturday. She picked me up around 1 o'clock then we went to OU. On the way there biasa la weekend traffic jams. Well you know Ayu, she hates the most klau jam or places that so crowded. When we reached OU another bad luck for us. It took us almost 15-20 mins to find a parking. All the way looking for the parking she's been cursing so I its better I take her somewhere else before she explode. Haha Since we both are hungry then we went to The Curve and had our lunch at Vivo. I remember that place so well and she knows why. Kan? :) I had a bbq chicken and she had a burger eh? Sort of la kan?

We talked, we laugh, she jeered me and bla bla. We had fun weren't we? :D I wanted to a watch movie but si pipi tembam ni said it’s too late besides she needs to go to cafe and all. Fine *pfft

On the way back to Cyber she still ejek me and until one part she said she wants to buy a cigarettes. Gila ape minah ni?! haha obviously I won’t let her. So tak bole ok? Whatever it is NO! FAHAM? She took her pictures using my handphone biasa la vain. hehe.

I got home at 5 pm and Ghazi, Lily and Ewan were at home. I felt so tired so I took a nap. Then she woke me up at 7 pm and she asked me who is sleeping next to me? Haha mmg tak la tembam! I’m all alone. Bangun je sumeorg dah takde kat rumah. Ghazi went back to Shah Alam with Lily and Ewan went to his girlfriend's. Boring at home I went to Indo to have my dinner. Then I bought burger and bread for breakfast tomorrow. Ohh btw housemate sekalian, burger itu hak milik terpelihara aku. Klau nak letat ni. Ok ok nak blah. Thanks eh Ayu. Nanti I belanja you wayang! Tata

Jun 25, 2008 Hello world, I'm 19th

Time passes so fast until we don’t even noticed it kan? Well, I'm 19th now. So better act like 19th. Haha no more play around. Now I'm doing my degree in Film and Animation. Sounds interesting? It is interesting for me. Enough about that let me tell you what happened on my birthday last two days.

Ayu really made my day. She did a surprise for me! So sweet so calm! No wonder Kak Tini ckp "Hello Eric" Hahah I should have known that. Hahah at first she said Kak Tini wanted to go to Old Town then she thought of meeting me there. After she sent me home, I noticed something sbb Ayu park kerete kat tepi. I mean usually she just drop by je. The obvious part is time balik tak dapat present pun. Of course I was expecting something from her. Then on the way back to my house I met Ghazi in the lift and he said he wants to go to buy something. After I reached home I took off m
OH OH guess what did i get? Jam Fossil dowh! She knew that I want a new watch so bad. Thanks bae. Really really really appreciate it.Haha sialang ko Ghazi. Sayang korang smpai mati dowh.

xoxo( bapak gay) haha Adios!

Jun 23, 2008 If only

So close, really close. Another few steps I already am on top but I fell down.
Slowly I'm slipping away. I screamed, I tried to grab but what I can see is a failure.
I didn't give up, Now I become stronger but she knows my weakness even if I hide it behind my smile.
She still can see the tears clearly on my face.
I remain silence, I can’t speak a word, I can’t breathe, but I can see the happiness beyond the wall.
I'm too weak to climb, I’m too weak to break it down, and I’m just hopeless at the moment.
Maybe I don’t belong there. Maybe I should stay. Maybe I need to realize that she deserve better
than keeping emotions so bitter.
I've lost my strength to overcome the failure. I'm not ready for this. I really do.
I've been searching for the cure but I couldn't find one.
If only she could see me and know what I believe we could be.
I’m soaked of her tears of memories and not too long we had our stories.

Jun 22, 2008 Another Bachelor Party

What a lucky day! After one barbecue then another barbecue. Haha Im getting fatter because of you guys! Actually the barbecue is for Ari, Luqman, and Emier. Since birthday dieorg sume bulan June so buat sume skali. So kire celebrate my birthday in advanced la. Haha. We all had a blast last night sumpah tak tipu. Sort of like a gathering pun ade jugak sbb most of us dah lama tak jumpe among each other. Thanks to Omar for letting us make the barbecue in his condo even though kene halau dengan security guard. The barbecue supposed to end at 10 p.m but end up we were chilling until 1 am. Haha the best part is Emier and Luqman kene baling masuk dlm pool! Hariz pun almost kene!

But somehow there was a few of them spoiled the party sbb dieorg gi stoned then jadi mcm org tak sedar diri. Whatever it is, Im glad to have all of you in my life. 5 years of relationship and still counting! Pictures will be uploaded soon. Chalo!

Jun 21, 2008 Bachelor Party

Sorry for the late update. I've been busy lately with stuff and all since sem baru dah bukak. Today i went to "Bachelor Party" organized by Ghazi's friends. Hahah it wasn't a party actually just a barbecue. I felt awkward because i dont know anybody there except Ghazi. But after few mins i get along with them. We had fun even though there was no hot chick and bikini. pfft! Seriously the food was super delicious! We had chicken, lamb and beef. Just nice la food sumeorg dapat rasa. I thought of throwing a barbecue as well for my birthday but since im broke and there is a problem with the place so cancel la.At least i had a chance to join other people barbecue. Thanks budak2 Shah Alam. haha

So im sleeping over at Ghazi's house and tmr we want to get a hair cut. Haha then nak gi Ikea usha barang rumah. Oh yeah now im staying in Cyberia. There are 7 of us me, Ghazi, Happ, Wan, Haziq, Fufu, and Iwan. ish byk ni nak cite tp later la.

It would be lovely if she come to my house but i know she wont. Best je tgk lily dtg bwk food utk Ghazi and kiteorg. Soon im gonna cook for them.Ceyh. It's 2 o'clock and im off to bed. I miss someone la.Siot k k adios!

Jun 13, 2008 Yesterday

Yesterday was awesome. I had a chance to hang out with my friends. It's been awhile though. We all have changed a lot but our fav mamak place to lepak is the same. MAULANA. Im not suprised. haha but idraki and azfar wasn't there. sian. Btw, sorry tak dapat join tengok wayang sekali. I had to pick up my mum from work. Its ok, we still have a lot of time. We should have a gathering party of something.

Ok ok spanking news! Im broke! I spent rm850 upgrading my computer. WTF?? Gosh, i really need to work hard, my mum have spent a lot on me. I must prove her that i can do better. Thanks mum! youre the best! aww. Ohh i bought new motherboard, 2Gb ram, 500Gb hardisk and new processor but Abg Hery called last night saying that i need to buy a new graphic card. Haih duit lagi! For study i dont mind spending but hopefully its worth it. Ok acip wake up! No more play play.

Well, i had a blast yesterday. Thanks to all for making my day! Suddenly i dont feel like blogging. haha. tata

Jun 11, 2008 It is the end

I should have seen this coming. I knew someday she will leave me. No matter how hard I’m trying to make her stay but it was such a waste.
Now I may not be the same the person anymore because a part of me is missing out there and im pretty sure it’s not coming back.
Frankly, it’s going to be fcuking hard for me to let go. Seriously. I thought she was the one but I was wrong. I’m too weak to make her mine.
I’m tired of feeling upset with relationship. I’m not sure whether I can do this anymore. All this while I’ve been telling to myself that she will love me just like before, I’ve been pretending that I am happy but it doesn't matter anymore because I know she wont care. She brought me life and happiness but now she took away everything from me. She brought me up into the sky then she just let go of me and see me falling down. She knows that I couldn't fly without her.

Now it is the end of you and me
The tears that I cry will remain in my heart
Mistakes that drives us away
The strength that you gave me wont get away from this broken heart
The love that we had will always be shared
All the hurt and pain you go through
Make my heart aches for you
And only for you..

Why would she leave even though she knows that we had a great time together. What went wrong? I’m hopeless. I can’t even stand with my own because I just lost her. Again. I just can’t write right now. So piss off.

Jun 9, 2008 Sneakers!

I wish i could have all these! damn it! !#$@%*
Le Coq

Jun 8, 2008 Ayahanda

Father's day is coming soon. I haven't talked to my dad for ages. I miss him but it seems that he doesn't care about me and my brother. Sometimes, he didn't bother what is going on with me and all. I don’t blame him for this. At least now, my mom is doing great and they both are still friends. Things may not be the same but life must go on right?

Well living with my stepdad is not that bad. At first I admit, it was really hard to accept someone new in your life but as time pass by you will get used to it. The problem with him is that he is kinda crazy. Suddenly he can be so nice to you. After few mins he will turn into some kind of monster. It doesn't matter as long as he take a good care of my mom I’ll be thankful for that.

It’s been almost 3 years since my parents divorced. Ever since that, I learn to be independent. It wasn't that easy to face all the pressure by yourself but that is life kan. I should be thankful at least I still have my parents. :)
Whatever it is, he is still my dad and I’m here because of his sperm. haha. Ayah is still my hero and he is the greatest dad in the world. My love for you is still strong :) Thank you for everything. Happy Father's day.

C i n t a

Cinta itu terlampau indah hinggakan kita lupa akan realiti sebenar. Ia hadir tanpa kita sedari dan makin hari ia memakan diri. Kita hanyut dalam mainan cinta. Ketika itu kita hanya mampu melihat tanpa berbuat apa-apa. Akhirnya perpisahan yang menyeksa diri. Dunia dibayangi benci dan kesedihan. Air mata mengalir tanpa henti sekalipun tidak akan mengubah keadaan menjadi seperti dulu. Hanya tinggal memori dalam ingatan. Simpan lah selagi kita mampu menanggung keperitan itu tapi sampai bila? Dunia ini terlalu singkat untuk bersedih. Hidup ini bagaikan perjalanan di atas kain putih dimana kita sendiri yang mencorakkan dunia kita. Tapi sejauh mana perjalanan sekali pun kisah cinta lalu tetap akan sentiasa menghantui diri. Itu la realiti kehidupan. Di dalam dunia ini semua perhubungan kelihatan indah-indah belaka. Tetapi hakikatnya tiada siapa yang tahu. Sakit, pedih , seksa terkubur didalam hati.

Cinta ini ibarat matahari dimana ia terbit dan terbenam. Tetapi bayang-bayang masih wujud jikalau cahaya hadir bersamanya. Begitu juga cinta. Perhubungan itu ada naik turunnya tetapi ia akan sentiasa kekal jika pasangan kekasih itu masih kuat kasih sayang di antara mereka. Biar kuat mana pun gempa bumi melanda, hujan ribut petir, gunung berapi meletup tetapi jika masih ada cinta, ia takkan kemana. Selagi kita mampu berdiri di atas dunia ini, selagi denyutan jantung masih kedengaran, sayangi orang di sekeliling. Manusia hanya mampu merancang, Dia di atas yang memutuskan. Tidak salah menagis kerana cinta kerana kita hanya makhluk Tuhan yang lemah.