Aug 17, 2009 Hell

This week was the worst week ever. Serious shit. Didn't finished the work, broke the redpoint, broke up with someone, haven't finished shooting, my hair was like hell, and having trouble to sleep at night. Now, I got eyesbags, and pimples. Pfft. Wish someone could call and said hi. At least.

Well, it wasn't that bad after all. I bought some stuff for mys
elf. Went to Badger and bought a pants, t-shirt and shirt. The next day went to OU and I bought another pants. I still want more sneakers but I haven't got my pay check yet. PTPTN just came it, but I can't use it at all. Those are for my fees but its still not enough.

Ibu called, and she need some money for lawyer. I called ayah and asked for the BSN and lent it to ibu. If not because of ibu paid the lawyer I dont think ayah will put some money in my BSN. I was thinking that I might use the money for get married one day but now I was thinking of more snea
kers. :)

I better get to work. It's almost 4 now. Haih. So malas.


heldizuhmi said...

chill sikit bro, lu buat ilek je.

jom bukak sneaker's shop, kau nak kasut apa pun boleh.